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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AIG: The Little Twerp

The word, "twerp," is a seldom used word in today's society. For those unfamiliar with the term, the Merriam-Webster dictionary basically describes a twerp as an insignificant person or a person who is worthy of being despised. Pretty harsh. Because it's used so sparingly in casual conversation, one could say "twerp" is almost as taboo as the "f" word or even the dreaded "c" word.

That being said, the kid in the AIG commercial is a little twerp. He's not cute. He's not adorable. He's a little twerp. Probably the most unappealing part of watching the AIG commercial is knowing that the kid is trying to "act" cute. The cute-attempt is transparent and therefore makes the commercial almost unwatchable. One of the most interesting characteristics of this commercial is how the annoying factor seems to compound itself over the course of an afternoon or evening of watching television. About the third or fourth time the kid starts complaining about supplemental health insurance, any viewer could potentially have a nervous breakdown.

And not to harp on the poor kid, but why is he all cocked to the side and bent over? It looks like he might have a load in his pants. So, not only is the little kid an annoying twerp, he probably doesn't smell that good either.

Poor little kid, I'm sure he's much easier to take when he's not "acting cute" in commercials.

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FatTommy said...

The commercial was made for pedophiles who want to diverisiy their portfolios.