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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FORD, CHEVY, AND TOYOTA: Ridiculously Tough Trucks

OK, we get it, Ford, Chevy, and Toyota. Your pickup trucks are tough. They can withstand strong winds blowing across a harrowingly narrow road and not get blown off a huge cliff. They can hang upside down and still hold a motorcycle strapped in the truck bed. They can undergo an extremely elaborate uphill towing and downhill braking test and stop just in time to avoid falling off another huge cliff. They can even stop a C130 airplane with their antilock brakes. We get it.

A couple of years ago, you could get away with showing some cinderblocks being dumped into the bed of a truck, or a truck towing another car out of the snow or something. Not today. Today, if you don't have a multimillion dollar piece of equipment or a cliff involved in your demonstrations, you are a freaking wuss.

Those huge demonstrations are cool and all, but I don't think they get at the heart of the product. Here are some demonstrations that I think would be more realistic:
1. The Ford on the side of the road, crapped out after seventy thousand miles.
2. A driver passing out on the gas station concrete when the pump crosses through triple digits.
3. A truck with raised suspension, a Calvin NASCAR "pissing" sticker, and rebel mudflaps two feet from your rear bumper, tailgating you at 75mph.

Somehow, I just don't think those demonstrations would be tough enough either.

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