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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SALESGENIE.COM: Puppies! Puppies!

The little girl starts off by whining about her family’s finances. Apparently, Mom relayed to the little girl that her dad was some kind of deadbeat but that things are now looking up because of Salesgenie. Although it is strange for a 6 year old to be talking about the family's finances, I can suspend disbelief for a moment on that. The most interesting part of the commercial is when the now successful dad brings home two puppies as a present for the little girl. She then stops in mid sentence and screams, "Puppies! Puppies!" This is where the Salesgenie people lose me.

So, let me get this straight. If I use Salesgenie, I will succeed in business and make enough money to buy...puppies? Since when are puppies associated with material wealth? If we follow that logic, Cesar Milan must be a billionaire. Apparently, tonight I should go to the pound and bring home like seventeen dogs- I'd be rich as hell.

So clearly, dogs are not a sign of wealth. Now, if dad pulled a plasma screen out of the trunk or better yet had a hot blonde sitting in the car with him, that would be more representative of a successful, wealthy businessman. That would also teach the Mom to stop yapping about the family's finances to the little girl.

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