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Friday, December 7, 2007

CIRCUIT CITY: Ditka? Elway?

Elway and Coach Ditka? Could we get any more boring with our selection of pro atheletes?

What do these two have in common anyway? Yes, they both played and/or coached NFL football, but why these two exactly? They were never on the same team and never did any broadcasting together. I'd almost rather see Ditka with Jim McMahon sporting an eighties headband, or Elway with a mumbling Shannon Sharpe. Now that would be better. You can almost envision how the hiring of these two took place at Circuit City:

Exec 1: How are we coming on that football promotion?
Exec 2: Pretty good. We have some responses from the NFL stars we asked to sponsor Circuit City.
Exec 1: Great! Did we get Tom Brady?
Exec 2: No.
Exec 1: How about Brett Favre or Donovan McNabb?
Exec 2: No and no.
Exec 1: Well, we must have gotten Peyton Manning!
Exec 2: He actually declined, sir.
Exec 1: OK well what about the retired guys: Coach Ditka, John Elway, and OJ?
Exec 2: OJ said he had to attend a memorabilia convention or something, but Ditka and Elway agreed to do it.
Exec 1: Hmmm. Well, both of them are pretty boring. Maybe if we have two boring guys that will be equal to one exciting guy. Let's just hire both of them.
Exec 2: Excellent idea, sir.

I have a feeling Circuit City will be a frequent participant on this site.

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