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Monday, January 14, 2008


Verizon, do you think you could show the commercial with the guy unplugging the Christmas scene a few dozen more times? It was mildly, and I stress mildly, amusing the first time I saw it. Now, after seeing it fifty times, I think I might smash my TV if I see it again. Just an FYI.

The commercials are so bad on so many levels, but I can't get that song out of my head- kind of catchy.

Hey, guy in the Subway commercial, I know you're excited about your "acting" career taking off and everything, but have you ever heard about a little thing called self respect? How can you degrade yourself on national TV by sticking out your ass and essentially admitting that you are significantly overweight? What did you get? A few thou for that commercial, ten at the most? I hope it was worth it. For the next six months when you walk down the street, people will point at you and say, "There goes the guy with the huge ass."

On the other hand, I really enjoy the other Subway ad with the ref who promises to penalize the other team in the second half because he blew a call. Funny, creative, and clever.

Budweiser, I saw that! I saw you refer to your beer as "The Great American Lager!" You thought you'd just slip the word, "lager" in there and no one would notice, didn't you? You thought that by calling yourself a "lager" you would appeal to a more trendy crowd and instantly upscale your beer, didn't you? Got a little news for ya: not gonna work.

It's official. I still hate Chad and the Alltel commercials.

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Anonymous said...

How about those frikin viagra adds? Could that spurting sink be any more obvious? Aren't subliminal messages supposed to go by unnoticed?